Sample secretary interview questions which check out your individual traits, work competencies and also determination for the secretarial job. Anticipate questions that look at the habits needed for effective performance in the secretary role.
Be ready for the assortment of typical job interview questions asked in a secretary job interview. Make use of the solution help to create your own personal fantastic interview answers and also get the secretarial job you need.

What made you use for this particular secretary job?

Make use of the info you gathered from your experience investigation to make for this particular interview question, this approach you are going to stand out from the additional candidates for the secretarial vacancy. Find something particular about the business and position that appeals to you.

Search at:

  • the business mission, and vision successes
  • at the duties and actions associated with the job itself
  • Find resources for conducting the company history research of yours at Job Interview Information

What motivates you to perform a great job?

What does motivate you are going to depend on your expertise and experience but try to succeed applicable to what this organization and position offers. Different motivators include:

  • work and also job challenges
  • improved responsibility
  • staff involvement
  • interpersonal interaction
  • job complexity
  • development and learning opportunities

What characteristics do you think of most crucial in a secretarial job?

Secretaries today are frequently taking on the functions of info and communication managers. Secretary interview questions are going to explore main qualities that include:

  • planning and also organizing ability
  • oral and written communication skills
  • initiative
  • ethical behavior and confidentiality
  • adaptability
  • reliability
  • attention and accuracy to detail

Check out the primary key things of the place in the job posting and find out what qualities will be important for practicing these duties – for instance if “scheduling” is a vital exercise subsequently the secretary will have being organized and prepared to prepare and prioritize effectively. The job skills list is able to help you with this particular question.

As a secretary, highlight the strengths of yours and the weaknesses of yours.

Focus on 3 or perhaps 4 strengths which refer straight to the secretarial job requirements. Potential examples include:

  • planning & organizing
  • flexibility and adaptability
  • info management
  • attention to detail
  • problem analysis and problem solving
  • dependability and reliability
  • initiative
  • discretion
  • multi-tasking & prioritizing
  • good decision and judgment making skills
  • interpersonal skills and communication

Back up the answer of yours with specific examples which demonstrates the strength of yours in the efforts context. This particular listing of workplace strengths will aid you with this particular question.

It’s ideal to relate to one or 2 real weaknesses and after that to detail the actions you’ve brought to attempt to conquer the weakness. This complete list of regular workplace weaknesses will assist you.

What did you like best about your final secretary business meetings and what did you like least?

The interviewer is attempting to evaluate the match of yours together with the job so attempt to make your answers applicable to the demands of the placement.

Appropriate general information about what you liked can consist of :

  • meeting new challenges
  • dealing with several people
  • mastering new skills
  • meeting every day and weekly goals

The dislikes of yours shouldn’t relate to the qualities of the job you’re interviewing for.

Also stay away from dislikes which relate to working conditions for example overtime, pay and office atmosphere. Criticism of the supervisor of yours or maybe colleagues raises red flags about your interpersonal skills.

Keep it standard and rather mention the absence of something inside your previous job like inadequate challenge or maybe not enough work so you can stay occupied

Behavioral Secretary Interview Questions

You are able to count on a selection of behavioral interview questions in the secretary job interview of yours. These’re created to examine the specific actions or maybe competencies needed for effective work performance within the secretarial role.

Prepare for these kind of secretary interview questions.

Describe a circumstance in which you’d to thoroughly plan the activities of yours to fulfill an objective.

This question explores the ability of yours to plan and prioritize to be able to complete a specific goal or result.

Tell me about a moment that you weren’t pleased with the job performance of yours. What did you do about it?

The interviewer is checking out your resolve for high work requirements and whether you self impose standards of excellence instead of having standards required by others.

Explain what you do to manage errors in the job of yours.

This question explores the attention of yours to accuracy and detail.

Describe a hard issue you’d to sort out in the last job of yours.

Are you able to find problems promptly and talk to a good resolution using all of the available info?

Describe a moment when you were confronted with a tense situation which demonstrated the coping skills of yours.

This question explores the ability of yours to manage under stress and keep performance standards.

Tell me about a time a co worker asked you about info that is confidential.

Maintaining confidentiality is a primary requirement of the secretarial position. The commitment of yours to maintaining sensitive info confidential and sticking with ethical standards will be investigated in the interview of yours.

Questions to ask the employer inside your secretary interview

Prepare a listing of questions that are great to wonder in the interview of yours. Asking the proper questions reveals you’ve spent time considering the business as well as the placement and is a great indication of the interest of yours in the job opportunity.

Make use of the illustrations at job interview questions to wonder in your secretary interview to enable you to. Be prepared when the interviewer asks “Do you’ve some questions?”

Secretary Interview Questions

Secretaries lighten the load for all the professionals they support by taking on a broad range of administrative and clerical activities. The work duties of theirs resemble those of Executive Assistants and administrative Assistants. They field calls, coordinate meetings, manage calendars, and also keep filing systems along with databases. They usually have a lot of duty as the spokesperson along with gatekeeper for a chance to access the supervisors of theirs.

The most effective secretaries are seasoned office administrators acquainted with each one of the resources & procedures of the contemporary workplace. They are detail oriented, organized, and articulate written and verbal communicators. In case there are actually particular qualifications that you require, like expertise with travel, or maybe understanding of the business of yours, make sure to include thoughts about which on the list below.

To hire the best secretary for the organization of yours, ask open ended, process-based questions. These kinds of questions are ideal for evaluating the knowledge of theirs and interpersonal skills. Promising applicants would have explored the company of yours and also will question ready and also spontaneous questions of their personal.

Situational and operational questions

How does your previous experience relate to this particular project?
What interests you about becoming a secretary at this particular business?
In case you claim to multiple supervisors, precisely how do you prioritize your projects?
Just how do you prevent your managers current on their work schedule?
At the earlier position of yours, what inquiries did you usually react to?
What software tools do using on a regular basis?
Would you rate your computer skills?
What kinds of documents or maybe correspondence have you ready?
Describe in detail the actions you will take to arrange a meeting for 10 people.
Describe an intricate task you worked on with a team. What was the objective, and just how did you work together with others to do the goal?
What cash handling or perhaps expense reporting have you done? Could you describe the process you consume to record expenses?
What actions do you take to safeguard info that is confidential?
Who’s probably the most demanding external and internal customer that you’ve? What’s the most powerful way to work with this particular individual?

On December 10th, 2019 at 09:01 am a secretary sits in a natural leather chair, checking out us. She’s 8 books on her working table, several newspapers, along with a cup of h2o. You most likely realize that a place of a secretary is owned by the most favored jobs among females.

This implies that you need to make for a tough competition in your interview five, 10, or perhaps maybe even 20 various other job seekers will participate along with you for the very same vacancy.

What’s more often, the success of yours in this particular interview depends not just on the abilities of yours, but also on the impression you are making on them, the relationship you are able to create with the interviewers of yours (this holds true particularly in case you use for a task in a tiny business, so the individual that directs the job interview may be the exact same individual you are going to work for).

Why did you use for this particular task?
What do you think can make a great secretary nowadays?
Exactly where do you see yourself in 5 years time period?
How can you picture an ordinary day in work?
Could you work together with MS Office (or along with other office software)?

Additional questions plus sample answers to difficult questions

Average answers could be good enough sometimes Young female interviews for a secretary job. A closer lookup on the faces of HR managers In case your interviewers feel great with you, in case they take pleasure in the time they spend with you in the workplace, possibly typical interview answers could suffice you (in case you don’t be competitive with 10 others because of the job).

Oppositely, in case they don’t feel great with you, in case they cannot imagine conversing with you every day, or maybe revealing the office space of theirs with you, the outstanding understanding of yours of MS Office, or maybe the increased productivity of yours in work, not to suggest your great interviewing skills, will not enable you to be successful.

Bearing it in mind, you ought to use your utmost being a good companion within the interview, a great listener. You must additionally show enthusiasm for the job offer, and also for their business the products or maybe services they promote. Be conscious of the needs of theirs and the questions of theirs. Right body language in an interview will be the key element.

You need to just try your utmost to persuade them it is going to be enjoyable to possess you onboard as the new secretary of theirs.

Let us have a glimpse at several questions now, and just how you need to answer them.

Why did you use for this particular task?

Managers would rather employ honest secretaries. To say you’re searching for a solid job and relationship that is good with the boss is a great answer. You are able to also say you love doing what secretaries usually do in the everyday job of theirs.

The primary factor is showing them you would like the project, and not only require one. Do not forget to consult with enthusiasm, and also attempt to stay away from discussing previous times. Do not state you wish to work as a secretary becasue that is what you have consistently done.

What do you think can make a great secretary nowadays?

Focus on skills that are relevant. Responsibility, good attitude to do the job, power to recognize the orders, ability to adapt, devotion to the employer, etc.

Alternatively you are able to summarize a job of a secretary in one phrase, saying that a great secretary makes the function of their supervisor easier, and more pleasurable. They help them being better in whatever they do, every day.

The recruiters look surprised with the solution on the job candidate. Their faces betray a great deal of suspition. We are able to see a single man and one female recruiter about the picture.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time period?

Secretaries shouldn’t dream of marketing, at least not inside the business. Let’s say them you are going to be glad to fit them in 5 years, or perhaps someplace else, doing a great job of a secretary, and enjoying the life outside of yours of work.

Maybe you’ve an alternative idea of your future-and there is nothing that you do not like about it. But when you interview for a project, you need to tell the interviewers what they really want to pick up from a good prospect for the task.

How can you picture an ordinary day in work?

Lots of people think that secretaries do only make coffee and answer telephone calls. Effectively, they cannot be further from the truth… You need to show a distinct attitude to the work of yours.

Tell them you prepare helping the boss with the lifestyle of theirs, with the administrative jobs, and essentially with whatever they need. Make an effort to demonstrate to them that you’re prepared to manage the entire office if required from you.

It’s essential to demonstrate to them you love to be active in work, plus they you choose a hands-on approach to the tasks of yours.

Could you work together with MS Office (or along with other office software)?

Attempt mentioning some details. Rather than saying only yes or no, you need to tell them how long you’ve been working with the software program, and how it’s helped you in the work of yours.

In case you’ve experience along with other software programs (other than the courses from Microsoft), let them know about it. Clearly show them you understand the significance of the computer skills of yours, and are continually trying to enhance them.

Additional questions plus sample answers to difficult questions Handshake of the secretary as well as the boss. He uses a dark jacket, she a pink shirt.You is going to face lots of rivals in the job interview of yours. In case you’re uncertain just how to stand out, and also ways to create the absolute best perception, have a glimpse at an eBook from Jacob Gates, an interview coach from Philadelphia, who had written the article for us.

What’ll determine a victor in a secretary interview?

Typical secretary interview can not be compared to other job interview. Personal preferences play a more important role than they normally do, particularly in case we talk about interviews in middle and small sized companies.

A number of folks call it unfair, and on occasion even a discrimination, though I wouldn’t call it that way. Each place has some details, and some demands because of the job candidates.

Consider a flight attendant position a bad looking person, or perhaps obese one, will barely get the job. Looking good (or at minimum charismatic) is certainly among the job needs for flight attendants.

And secretaries, they merely invest a large amount of time with the employers of theirs. This relationship just will not work in case there’s not a right link between the 2, the right chemistry.

You don’t have to have a modeling experience, nonetheless, to have an opportunity to be successful in this interview. It’s much more about the individuality of yours, about a look you take on the office and which has absolutely nothing to do with physical beauty, but all with your approach to do the job and also to additional individuals.

A secretary looks after the work of her. We are able to observe her responding to a phone call, with a smile on her face.Answers to interview questions
However, the times when deep neckline and great smile sufficed to get work are long gone.

You are going to deal with a few tough questions, and you’ll have to demonstrate your understanding, social skills, and listening skills for the job.

On the pinnacle of that, interviewers will ask you several behavioral questions, trying to foresee the behavior of yours in different work relates situations. Find out simple tips and the concerns on how you can answer them below (click on a query to find a thorough sample and analysis answers to a specific question):

So why do you wish to be a secretary?

Interviewers want to hear you use for the job not since it’s healthy for you, but since you believe it will be great for them to employ you…

You wish to have this particular project, since you think you are able to provide a little value to work as a secretary.
You’ve good communication skills, you’re friendly, and individuals feel great with you. Simply you think you are able to do a great job as a personal assistant.

Exactly where do you see yourself in 5 years time period?

Panel interview, we are able to see 2 female interviewers along with one male interviewer. The female offers the hand of her to a job prospect, someone we are able to not see.Managers need hire loyal secretaries, females who’ll remain with them for a very long time, and who’ll be pleased with the everyday job of theirs.

Therefor you shouldn’t talk about promotion, or maybe another job you wish to have in 5 years time. Oppositely, try to persuade them that you are going to be glad to work as the secretary of theirs, after the years fly by…

Needless to point out, you don’t have to remain with them for a very long time – you are able to remain a month, a year, or maybe 10 years. But the moment they interview you for a project, attempt to persuade them you would like to stay…

Could you teach me a bit about your working experience?

Interviewers view a wide range of things while you answer all of the questions of theirs. Asking you to let them know a little about the expertise of yours, “a little” is just what they really want to hear.

Do you’ve good listening skills? Do you speak with the stage? What is important probably the most for you in your professional lifestyle and career?

The answer of yours to this basic question will help us to understand all these issues. Attempt talking about the accomplishments of yours from previous jobs, the importance they brought to your previous employers, important lessons you learned along the way, etc.

How can you picture an ordinary day in work?

The solution of yours to this particular issue reflects everything you expect from the project, what you’re prepared to do. You need to really think of it for a few minutes, attempting to realize what the company expects from you, and also record duties a secretary must handle in the everyday job of her.

Make an effort to demonstrate to them you are able to arrange the day of yours, which you love to be active in work, that you constantly have a thing to do (and today I don’t speak about checking your Instagram account :)).

Could you work together with MS Office? Would you rate the abilities of yours with the software?

A female is asked to finish an useful test in the interview of her. The recruiter – a male with glasses, describes her the directions, as she keep the check in her handsA great candidate for this particular task ought to have a minimum of a little understanding of MS Office (or of similar software management workers usually make use of in the country) of yours. Tell them just how long you’ve been working together with the software program, just how it can help you in your everyday work (or just how it’s helped you with the studies of yours, in case you’re applying for your initial job).

On another hand, try being modest in your self assessment. Interviewers can still provide you with an useful test, asking you to retype a web page of text to MS Word, or perhaps to do a little easy activities with MS Excel. An over confident assessment of the computer skills of yours can readily backfire in such a case…

What are your weaknesses and strengths?

Modern HR managers really should identify your weaknesses and strengths without inquiring about them. On another hand, the individual leading your job interview doesn’t need to be an HR professional.

Lots of small business owners, or maybe supervisors, don’t have any actual experience with getting secretaries, or maybe any workers for that matter (secretary, or maybe administrative assistant, is usually the next worker associated with a tiny business, directly after the owner).

One way or perhaps another, you need to point out strengths which are very appropriate for any project, and weaknesses that aren’t important for the position of any secretary…

Would you mind accompanying the employer of yours on business trips?

When we had been finding females for secretary positions, we provided them this each and every time-doesn’t matter if there was some business trips planned.

In case the applicant got extremely fired up about the proposition of touring, in many instances we wouldn’t employ them (they would simply stop being happy in the everyday job) of theirs.

The proprietor of the business, a male within his late thirties by having an orange tie, talks to an applicant that desires to work as the assistant of his. The answer of yours to this issue says a great deal about the flexibility of yours. When you are able to not go for all the trips becasue you have to be at home at 4 each morning, it’s a sure indication of your inflexibility which is usually a dilemma, though it doesn’t always need to be an issue (everything is dependent on the specifications and also the offer on the job).

Everything considered, I recommend you to decide on a neutral answer. Don’t get quite pumped up about the proposition of going. Simply say that you’d not mind accompanying boss on trips, in case it had been a component of your respective job…

Do you’ve any queries?

Invariably you should ask a number of questions, and also you’ll continually have an opportunity to ask them in a secretary interview. Attempt to concentrate on conditions that are relevant, like the working environment, the routine, following steps of recruitment process, or maybe something that pertains to the company of theirs (the goods of theirs, reputations, values, etc.)

Though I wouldn’t recommend to find out about salary. To begin with, in case they think about hiring you, they are going to start to chat about money. Plus it actually leaves a bad impression anyway.

Why do you wish to do the job right here (at the college of ours, in our office), as well as not someplace else?
What causes you to a greater personal assistant (secretary)?
What do you wish to achieve on this position?
Would you mind working overtime?
Would you deal with an angry customer, or maybe business partner?
Tell me about a circumstance when you were under great pressure. Just how did you tackle the pressure?
Have you previously prepared a weekly routine for someone?
Do you’ve working experience with making letters, reports, bulletins, handbooks, and more?
When are you able to begin?

Practical assessments in an interview

A female just prevailed in her secretary interview. We are able to observe her smiling, while the interviewers have a talk in the rear of the room.To conversation about performing work is one point, to actually get it done yet another one. Interviewers are able to ask you to handle an office software program, or perhaps with a scheduling application.

For instance they might provide you with a printed page with particular format, and also ask you to retype the book, then structure it within the program.

Doing this, they are able to readily find out how quickly you can type, and also just how healthy you use the software program. An easy yet powerful way of assessing the computer skills of yours.

In case it happens, in case you’ve to cope with an useful test, try to remain calm. Do it because you will get it done back home (or in your earlier office job). Place the newspaper on the proper spot, alter the computer screen, then completely focus on the project.

What better to expect?

In case you’re interviewed in an agency, you are able to face an easy personality test, and perhaps an IQ test. While it’s doable to get ready for the character test in advance, you are able to barely make for an IQ test.

Often, in case there are plenty of applicants for the project, the employer might invite you for a team interview. Absolutely nothing changes for you in this particular situation, however success is often about great responses to interview questions, about making an excellent impression, and also about creating an excellent link with the interviewers of yours.

Whether they talk to you online, on the cell phone, within the team, or perhaps alone it does not make a huge impact for this specific function.


Executive Secretaries are really skilled administrators who assist management or executives inside a clerical capacity. They regulate schedules, expedite office productivity, and also provide effective plus dependable administrative support.

Executive Secretary Interview Questions

How would you address a task with a difficult deadline

This tests the candidate’s problem solving ability as well as the capability to work under stress.

What procedure do you stick to when making travel plans?

This illustrates the candidate’s potential to properly coordinate travel plans.

How have your management skills enhanced the quality of your projects?

This tests the worth of the candidate’s management ability.

What options do you apply when you screen phone calls?

This illustrates the candidate’s potential to filter phone calls effectively.

What options do you follow to be able to handle your workflow capacity?

This illustrates the candidate’s administrative and organizational ability.

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