Childrenwhen and nanny you’re employing a nanny to work in the house of yours, it’s really important to prepare everything you are going to ask each candidate. Interviewing an in home caregiver is very different than an ordinary job interview. You won’t just wish to learn about her/his experience, you are going to want to find out about their childcare information and personality. The relationship of yours with your nanny is as crucial as the nanny’s connection with the kids of yours. We encourage you to preserve questions open ended and find out just how comfortable you’re with the responses. Through the years, we’ve created a proper list of job interview questions that we offer to every one of the families we work with, along with other useful nanny employer info. Below are several of the favorites of ours!

Work associated questions:

So why do you wish to be a nanny?
What kid care jobs have you held? Tell me about what you did. (Another issue which can help your find is, “Describe your final companies as well as tell me everything you liked and disliked about them.”
What would you think of the strengths of yours as a nanny? (Look for explanations like as: patience, imagination, pure love for kids, playful, energetic, loving, caring, etc.)
What role do you feel a nanny should perform in a household?
Exactly how might you help my kids know how?

Kid care associated questions: (tailor these to the requirements of your family)

How can you deal with a crying baby?
What activities would you indulge in using a newborn/infant/toddler?
How can you respond to temper tantrums (esp. in) that is public?
Do you’ve some favorite rainy day activities for toddlers?
Would you manage an emergency? Have you ever needed to manage an emergency? In case so, what happened and also what activity did you’re taking?
What would you do in case the kid got ill and also had a fever?
What activities would one does with the child(ren) during the morning (describe an ordinary day)?
Ask many hypothetical thoughts about the family of yours particularly, such as: My 2 year old really will not go bad for the nap of his and you understand he is prepared. Just how are you going to manage it?
My baby is colicky & has not stopped crying because you showed up 3 hours back. What’ll you do to cure her?
What would you get ready for (breakfast, lunch as well as dinner) for a kid the age of X?
What would you feel is a suitable snack for a kid the age of X?

Personal/Lifestyle Questions

Do you’ve any kids of your own? In case so, just how old are they? What exactly are they doing these days? Do you’ve kid care?
Do you swim? Effectively enough to supervise kids?
How can you think about minding our pet?
Do you fix meals?
Do you’ve a specific diet of any sort?
Do you’ve a healthy lifestyle?
What are the hobbies of yours, interests?
What would you do if a buddy of yours dropped by while you are working, in a scenario which wasn’t child related?

General Background of the Nanny## Ask about family history – parents, sisters, and brothers.

Where did you spend your first years?
What are your passions and hobbies?
What would you consider being your greatest strengths?
What would you consider being your greatest weaknesses?
What are your best accomplishments?
What’s the present position of yours and why do you wish to leave?
What exactly are you searching for in your next place?
What are your long range goals?
Attitudes Towards Kids plus Childcare Knowledge## Why did you opt to be a nanny?
What characteristics do you’ve that make you a fantastic caregiver?
What do you love about looking after kids?
Just how many years of experience do you’ve with infants/toddlers?
Do you’ve working experience with potty training?
What types of activities would you do with (age of your kid) year old?
Would you handle crying or even a temper tantrum of a kid this age?
Have you been keen on taking the kids to programs in the region?
At what time do you believe it is alright for the kids to not be supervised?
Are you comfortable dealing with the kids with homework?
Have you been keen on occasional caring for some other kids while my kid has a buddy over for a play day?
What do you nd most demanding or maybe fascinating part of dealing with kids this age?

Foods Preparation##

Could you fix meals?
What would you prepare for kids aged 0 1 and 2-5?

Capability to deal with a Medical Emergency##

Are you taught in First Aid?
What would one does in the situation of: a blow on the head? Coughing? High fever?


Do you’ve a driver’s license?
Are you ready to drive an automatic or standard car?
What car type do you’ve?
Does it have rear seat belts?
What insurance type do you have? (Fully comprehensive/3rd party?)

Willingness to help with Household Chores/Babysitting##

What household responsibilities are you willing to perform? (e.g. nursery duties just, ironing, light housework, cooking)
Do you think you’re prepared to babysit?

Work Details##

When would you be there to help you begin a brand new position?
What salary are you looking for?
Do you think you’re willing/able to generate an one year commitment?

Questions to ask a nanny applicant about her private lifestyle

The solutions to these queries enables you to know in case the applicant is able to follow the routine of yours and tackle the task.

Exactly where do you reside and how are you going to get to work every single day? What about in weather that is poor?

Long commuting distances and difficult commutes (read: train to bus and after that walking a mile) is able to make her less prone to show up on time, most of the time.

Could you stay a bit later in case I am caught at work?

In case this occurs often with the work of yours, it is important to know in case the candidate is flexible about being an additional hour or 2. In case she’s evening obligations – say, a kid of her nighttime or own classes – she is most likely not a great nanny for you personally.

Do you’ve some health problems I should understand about?

A private question, indeed, but because you will be giving your infant alone with her, you’ve a right to determine in case she is suffering from asthma attacks, seizures, debilitating migraines, or maybe anything else that can make taking care of your kid harder (or maybe) that is dangerous.

Do you smoke?

In case you are alright with hiring a cigarette smoker, ensure it is very clear that she cannot smoke around the baby of yours or maybe in the home of yours at anytime or even leave cigarettes within your baby’s reach.

Do you’ve kids of your own?

How would you be in a position to arrive at work in case they are sick and off from school?

Obviously, nanny candidates with kids have firsthand childcare experience and that is great; but nannies who still have children that are younger might need to stay home when their kids are sick and off from college, or even may wish to take them to the site of yours on occasion. Determine exactly how you think about that.

Do you’ve some future plans (attending college, moving, having kids of your own) which would impact just how long you are able to remain with this particular task?

Doing the nanny search thing once is difficult enough – you would like to make sure you are not gon na need to undertake it all once again in a few weeks. Naturally, nobody is able to predict the future and items might suddenly change, but requesting an one year commitment is reasonable.

Questions to ask a nanny applicant about the previous experience of her.

What was the previous job of yours as well as why did you leave it?

In case she disses her last dances or maybe boss around the issue, she might have been fired. In case you think that as very much, ask in case you are able to call her previous employer for a guide (something you need to do anyway in case you are really thinking about the applicant).

What exactly are the ages of the kids you have cared for?

Caring for school age children is different from taking care of an infant (no diaper changes, for one), therefore she must have practical experience with kids your tot’s age.

Have you’d (or are you prepared to get) baby and CPR first-aid training?

Knowing she knows what you should do in an urgent situation is an enormous plus.

Questions to ask a nanny applicant about the opinions of her.

How can you think about making bottles of expressed milk?

This’s crucial in case you are nursing and also want to keep on the moment you are again at work; you would like to find out in case she is pleasant prepping bottles of the dairy you have pumped and sticking with the feeding schedule of yours.

How can you think about not watching television with my infant?

You must inquire about this or maybe other things you believe the nanny of yours should not do with the kid of yours, like take her in order to a house of worship or even to go to a boyfriend, therefore she understands the rules before she accepts the job.

Open-ended issues to ask a nanny applicant.

These nanny interview questions are going to reveal lots about the candidate’s way to childcare – and allow you to see in case her strategy is akin to yours.

What would you like most about becoming a nanny?

What do you feel an infant my child’s age needs most?

Could you explain the issues you may do during the morning with my infant? How about when she is more mature and more active?

Exactly how would you discipline a kid my baby’s age? What would you do in case she, point out, keeps pulling your own hair after you have said no?

What would you do in case my infant had a fever? What in case she fell and became distracted?

After you have finished the list of yours of job interview questions for nannies, conclude the interview giving the candidate the opportunity to handle some issues she contains by asking, “Do you’ve any questions or maybe something you would want bringing up with me?”

Tell me about yourself

Stay away from entering every detail about the life of yours, provide just related info.

Concentration on:

  • the experience of yours
  • the skills of yours
  • the interests of yours
  • the strengths of yours as they connect with this specific nanny job. Try to get almost as info about the nanny job before the interview of yours so you are able to create your responses relevant.

Why did you opt to be a nanny?

The answer of yours to these kind of nanny interview questions must show a sincere interest and love of kids. Your dedication is important to an employer.

List everything you find rewarding about becoming a nanny including:

  • the fun you’ve with the kids
  • the chance to be creative and imaginative
  • the variety offered by the job
  • helping kids grow, explore and find out about life
  • the good responses and appreciation you get from a kid three.

What childcare credentials do you’ve?

Some other than formal qualifications nearly all parents are searching for a nanny with good experience in childcare.

Even in case you don’t have real proper nanny experience, parents might be sharp to employ you in case you’ve considerable childcare experience, both in the own household of yours, or maybe with a previous job in which you worked with kids like a teacher or even daycare employee.

It’s essential to demonstrate your interest and knowledge in child development as well as your understanding of child behavior

What do you believe would be the most crucial facet of a nanny job?

Each family and nanny work is different but use the knowledge of yours to formulate an excellent answer to these kind of nanny interview questions. Start by saying:

“My experience as being a nanny has shown me that you will find a few crucial aspects……”.

Go on to relate to factors such as:

  • developing a feeling of trust
  • showing patience and comprehension
  • respecting the family
  • developing a bond
  • consistently promoting the kid’s growth and well being
  • showing high standards of professional conduct together with the family members five.

What would you consider being the characteristics that kids like and reply to in you?

Refer to attributes like as

  • your real interest in and love for kids
  • high amounts of energy
  • the creativity of yours
  • your sensitivity and nurturing to the varying demands and needs of kids
  • an excellent sense of humor
  • understanding and patience
  • the ability of yours to talk appropriately with different ages

Provide examples to help your interview answer out of your earlier nanny jobs such as:

  • creative tasks you did together
  • the sports you played with the kids
  • the patience of yours in teaching the kid a new skill six.

What did you like most about your earlier nanny jobs?

The answer of yours ought to focus on the interactions of yours with the kids and family and the benefits inherent in that.

The kids are the main reason you’re there and kids are exactly why you chose to become a nanny! Provide specific examples of the good results and benefits of the connection.

What did you dislike about your earlier nanny job?

Stay away from bad mouthing prior employers. Focus on problems with the position itself like pretty long hours. Describe difficulties in an objective manner such as:

  • a lack of communication
  • misunderstanding of expectations
  • poor parental reinforcement

Describe what you’ve learned from the experience.

What kind of recreation did one does with the kids in your care?

Record the activities and then grow on exactly why you chose these specific activities and how the kids responded to them.

Why do you believe you’re well suited for this nanny job?

Expect nanny interview questions which explore exactly why you believe you’re the best nanny job candidate. Each family has different expectations and specifications. An excellent fit is exactly what the employer is searching for.

There are several characteristics that all families find in a nanny. These include:

  • trustworthiness
  • reliability
  • flexibility
  • ability to function independently
  • adaptability
  • typical sense
  • compassion
  • patience and understanding
  • great communication skills

Go beyond this and also consider the specific nanny task you’re interviewing for. Does it want you to look after a selection of kids? Next point out the ability of yours to multitask and set up successfully.

The task might call for a good deal of physical interaction with the kids, talk about your interest and energy for this activity type.

What would you think of being the main issues of a nanny job?

Most likely the biggest challenge in your typical nanny job is being forced to adapt to people that are different with different requirements and needs in new environments.

The capacity to develop a bond and also develop trust with several individuals is crucial and an obvious challenge. This particular includes:

  • being forced to care for kids that all respond differently
  • learning how you can cope with every parent and kid in the simplest way possible for their individual personalities eleven.

What are your individual child rearing philosophies?

It’s essential for your solution to exhibit a respect for the family’s kid raising values and beliefs and the capability being versatile in your kid care strategy based on this. A rigid personal philosophy could only lead to issues.

Focus on how you’re continuously learning about child-rearing.

Expect plain nanny interview questions like:

What jobs did you’ve to do in your previous job apart from childcare?
Tell me about an ordinary day in your earlier nanny job?
Just how long have you been driving? What kind of driving were you necessary to accomplish in your earlier place?
What food type have you prepared for kids?
What do you like doing in your free time?

Questions you ought to be to ask throughout a nanny interview Seeking out a nanny for the family of yours is able to really feel frustrating, therefore we have rounded up several questions you must be to ask your future Mrs. Doubtfire.
Regardless of exactly how much you’ll it, Mary Poppins is not likely to float down from the skies and land on the doorstep of yours. Rather, finding the proper nanny is able to take quite a good deal of searching, whether you are relying on person to person, sponsoring a person from overseas or even making use of an internet company as Nannies and Inc., which help connecting parents with hometown nannies. It really is like internet dating, but rather than searching for a soul mate, you are identifying Mrs. Doubtfire!
Like with any project, interviewing is an important portion of the procedure, which might start a couple of weeks before you needs the caregiver of yours to begin. John Phillip Green, founder and CEO of CareGuide, which owns and operates, explains that parents are able to get the best from a nanny interview by asking the proper questions and believing their very own intuition. For starters, he suggests screening perfect prospects on the phone – very much love in the broader job market – to determine in case they determine selected containers on the family’s nanny wish list. Based on the way those go, parents would then narrow the applicants down to a couple of best picks before scheduling much more professional, in person interviews, quite often held more than thirty to sixty minutes in the family’s home, which Green says allows possible applicants to “get a lay of the land.”

After you have fallen to this particular point, it is simply a case of getting to find out the people so that you are able to choose your perfect Nanny McPhee. You are able to often do an internet search to determine in case they’ve a presence on social media, that may give insight into the hobbies of theirs and family life. Next, with a mix of questions addressing each applicant’s related experience, lifestyle, ability to deal with different scenarios and wants for the place, the in person interview of yours offers a well rounded sense of who you would be inviting into the house of yours.

We have gathered a slew of sample questions that you need to be to ask throughout a nanny interview.

Credentials and experience In previous interview he and his wife have performed, Green likes ordering his questions chronologically, starting with the candidate’s job history, and once you are interviewing for a nanny job, you really want to doubt the candidate especially about the experience of theirs with kids. It is also a smart idea to request recommendations and demand a background check in case the company has not already done both. Here are a few pertinent questions to ask:

Where did you earlier work?
Just how long were you at your previous job? Exactly why are you making?
What’s your experience working with kids, especially those who had been similar age as mine?
What do you like about dealing with kids? And what would you locate challenging?
What would you consider being your greatest accomplishment?
Have you been taught in first aid and infant CPR?
Did your previous job call for some housework?

Besides the previous experience of theirs, you need to get to find out your nanny personally. This implies questioning candidates beyond basic info you will have gathered during the original telephone interview. Rather, ask about their what, interests, and habits they are looking for in a household.

For Fern Brody, finding somebody that was cozy in a close family setting was truly essential. The working mom of 2 and her family have received a live out nanny within the last three-and-a-half years. Brody encourages parents being incredibly upfront with the targets of theirs and look for someone whose way and character of becoming fight with what you are searching for. “Look beyond the employer employee relationship,” advises Brody. “Someone could likely be a part of your respective family.” Some inquiries you are able to ask during the job interview are:

Do you’ve kids of your own? Family members in Canada?
What are your passions and hobbies?
Could you prepare and prepare meals?
Do you drive or perhaps are you comfortable taking public transit?
Have you been at ease with pets?
What would you love to do on your days off?
What other weekly commitments do you actually have?

Dealing with Children
Jessica Alba flooring couch with nannie connie and the baby of her in her lap. five baby care secrets from Hollywood’s favourite nannyIn a similar way to inquiring about experience, you really want to ask your potential caregiver about their approach and perceptions to childcare. “If they say something which was intriguing, like’ I worked at daycare,’ after that , you sort of tool in on that,” says Green. You would like to get to know what sort of philosophies they may provide to raising a kid. Make sure you ask questions such as:

Why did you opt to be a nanny?
What would you find to be the most difficult thing about working with a kid this age?
What types of activities would one does with a kid this age?
How can you deal with a crying baby?
Have you bathed kids, dealt with diaper rash, given medicines, and so on?
Are you ready to accept following specific sleep training methods? E.g. cry it out vs. rocking to sleep
Could you swim? Have you taken care of kids at a swimming pool or even beach?
Are you comfortable taking kids to other classes and music or maybe playdates outside the house?
Are you able to follow our certain parenting style? E.g. great parenting vs. time outs and consequences
What kinds of dishes would you give to a kid this age?
In what instances might you work with the cell phone of yours while with the kids?

When you have thoroughly questioned the applicant about overall approach, lifestyle, and their experience to childcare, subsequent throw a few hypothetical scenarios the way of theirs, covering an extensive range of subjects as health emergencies and discipline. This enables parents to know how the nanny may behave in some crucial cases, describes Brody, while simultaneously providing insight into the sense of theirs of judgment. Some scenario inquiries you are able to ask are:

You’re at the park with a kid and fall, hit the mind of theirs and are unresponsive. What would you do?
What exactly are the symptoms that a kid could be sick? What would you do in case a kid had an impressive fever?
What would you do in case you are feeding the kids lunch and they also broke out in hives (having no known existing allergies)?
What would you do in case we had a fire in the building?
In case a kid began coughing, what would you do?
Our younger kid bites our younger kid. What would you do?

Job Salary and Description Towards the conclusion of the job interview, you really want to define the job description on the applicant and make sure they comprehend what’s expected of them while in the home of yours. This’s exactly where you are able to ask whether they’re prepared to help with household chores or even readily available to work additional hours when necessary. It is also essential to make the candidate an opportunity to deal with the expectations of theirs from you – like their ideal salary, hours, quantity of kids to take care of, and so on. Brody suggests that parents briefly introducing the kids of theirs to the potential caregiver as well. “You is able to tell quickly whether someone is at ease with not,” or kids she says. Questions you are able to inquire about the job itself include:

What exactly are you searching for in this specific job?
When would you be there to help you begin?
Are you ready to produce an one year commitment?
What’s the availability of yours for weekends and nights?
What sort of housework are you comfortable performing?
What are the expectations of yours from us?

When you meet with a prospective nanny, it is important you get a genuine knowledge of who they’re and how capable they’re. In case successful, they are going to be an essential component of the daily life of yours and also the internal functions of the family of yours – it is a very individual task, which means that asking the right questions is crucial!

Drafting set up a question list assures you go over every little thing and also give yourself the very best chance of realizing whether they would be the right match for the loved ones of yours. Getting prepared and thorough may in addition assist the job interview flow much better for both you and the nanny.

Allow me to share several questions to think about asking a potential nanny:

Concerns about their nannying style

Your nanny is apt to be investing a large amount of time with the kids of yours, therefore it is crucial the approach of theirs to caregiving aligns with yours – these thoughts will enable you to to evaluate which.

What do you feel are the characteristics required to be a great nanny?

What is your favorite thing about being a nanny?

What is your least favourite about becoming a nanny?

What is the approach of yours to discipline?

How do you think about kids watching television or even playing video games?

What are your favorite activities to do with kids?

What books type would you suggest for our kids?

What outdoor tasks would you do?

Concerns about the training of theirs and experience These questions will allow you to evaluate what the nanny did before and whether their knowledge is enough for the job.

How long have you worked as a nanny?

What is your greatest childcare job?

Do you’ve some childcare qualifications?

Are you Ofsted registered?

Do you’ve First Aid training, and in case so, when was it last updated?

Do you’ve a valid CRB/DBS check?

Thoughts around the job These questions will enable you to to obtain much more specific and evaluate not just how well the nanny suits the job, but also the way the job fits the nanny.

How flexible is your routine?

What is the approach of yours to preparing servings for the week?

When you think about a job offer, what characteristics do you search for in a family members to determine whether it is a great match?

Describe an ordinary day at work for you.

Do you’ve travel?

Personal questions

These questions could be utilized to obtain a clear understanding of the nanny as an individual.

Have you constantly wanted to handle kids?

Why did you choose to be a nanny?

What are your hobbies?

Remember – this list does not cover everything you might wish to find out before you use a nanny. Be certain and tailor questions to the situation of yours, but also remember being thorough to get a well rounded concept of who your prospective nanny can be as an individual.

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